An Overview of the Most Popular Strategies

05 Feb

Digital marketing is perhaps the most overlooked but most important part of overall marketing. Many businesses simply dismiss digital marketing as "not really marketing" or "an ad unit". However, digital marketing encompasses so much more than just an ad unit. It can be the backbone of your online presence, the way you build relationships with your customers and the way you get new leads. In short, digital marketing is the branch of marketing which uses digital technology like mobile phones, desktop computers and other digital devices and platforms to market products and services.

Digital marketing strategies are divided into four main categories: Social Media, Content Creation and Promotion, Mobile Platforms and Creatives. The most commonly used digital marketing channels are social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter), content creation/promotion through blogs, videos, podcast and instant messaging, video production and editing using digital devices (phones, tablets and smart-phones) and creative services like animation, graphics, visual design and SEO/SEM techniques. Although there is overlap in some of these platforms, each platform has its own unique purpose and provides different benefits. It's a good idea to understand how each channel fits into your overall digital strategy and choose the ones that best support your goals.

For example, social media is great for creating and sharing content, which can then be shared and distributed by your audience. With this form of digital marketing, you can easily create awareness about your brand through discussion forums, blogs, micro-blogging, and more. By reaching out to your audience, you establish relationships and engage with them on a deeper level, which creates trust and credibility. As people begin to trust you and your brand, they will likely purchase your products and use your services more often. You will also have the ability to track the success of these campaigns and measure their performance.

Content creation and promotion through blogs, articles, YouTube, and Twitter are other digital channels you may use to spread your message. While these activities tend to be fairly passive, they do not require much management, which makes them great for digital marketing. They give you more time to focus on your campaigns and focus on generating new leads rather than responding to queries from prospects. Additionally, these platforms often have automated reporting systems that provide relevant insights about performance. These reports can be shared with you, which can help you make strategic decisions to optimize your campaigns.

While this list highlights the key characteristics of the four main digital marketing channels, it doesn't give you a complete overview of how to best create an impact with them. In order to maximize your marketing efforts, you need to understand how each one can work for your business and your goals. This involves taking the time to understand your target market, researching the channels available to you, analyzing the costs and benefits of each platform, and understanding how to integrate them into your overall marketing strategy. Digital marketers are only as good as the marketing resources they choose to align themselves with. Be sure to stay abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing by interacting with the channels listed above and becoming an active user of all the tools at your disposal. Get in touch with Dupont Creative for more info.

If you are interested in using more digital marketing strategies, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you. However, there are also plenty of marketers who are simply content with using the traditional marketing methods detailed above. These marketers tend to do well because they properly strategize their digital marketing strategies. If you want to get the most from your campaigns, be sure to keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing.

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